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Beverly Hills Cop 2 Collection


This jacket was worn by character "Axel Foley," portrayed by actor/comedian Eddie Murphy, in the 1987 motion picture, "Beverly Hills Cop 2." The letterman jacket is complete with various Detroit Lions patches, emblems, and embroidered stitching. Four of these jackets were custom made for Mr. Murphy and the original design was the costume supervisor's (Gary Sampson) actual high school letterman jacket.

The letterman style jacket is made out of a combination of wool and leather and features banded baby blue stripped wrists, collar and waistband. The jacket exhibits multiple chenille patches including the Lion's name and helmet across the left breast, number '67' on both sleeves and 'Detroit Lions' with team helmet across the back.



This is the original photo used in the production of Beverly Hills Cop 2. PLEASE NOTE: A copy of the photo can also be seen on Judge Reinhold's police desk in Beverly Hills Cop 3. Obtained directly from Steven Abrums the award winning make-up artist from the film.




Eddie Murphy  "To Steve, Fuck this lets go home!"


Judge Reinhold  "To Steve, one person I don't mind seeing first thing in the morning."


John Ashton  "Steve. thanks for making me look BAD!!"


Ronny Cox  "Steve, when things get rough - make-up"



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