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Saving Hollywood is in my heart...

"Celluloid is about dreams, movies are about fantasy, and motion pictures are about things you couldn't possibily even imagine in your wildest dreams, brought vividly to life in front of your very eyes. Cinema is about capturing the good and bad things that are pivital in people's lives."

Emmett James — ADMIT ONE: My Life In Film

Emmett James spent his childhood in Croydon, South London, and finished his schooling in Cambridge, where upon he then set about finding work within the film industry, his one true passion from his youth.


First finding his calling in film advertising, his very first job was as the designer for the poster (or one sheet as it's known in the industry) for 'Stay Tuned' at a time when movie posters were still illustrated! Working hand in hand with the most iconic artist of the British cinema Brian Bysouth (James Bond, Indiana Jones), Emmett went on to create art for multiple classic films throughout the early 90s including: Honey I Blew Up The Kid, Mighty Ducks, Under Seige, Untamed Heart, Chaplin and the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.


Soon with an overwhelming desire to jump to the other side of the screen, Emmett began to study acting at the Strasberg Actors Studio in London. 

He professionally began his career as a thespian working on the London stage, eventually moving to Los Angeles in the mid 1990s to pursue an acting career in film and television.


In Los Angeles he worked extensively as an actor in every single medium, from voicing a number one video game franchise to having a recurring role on America's oldest running soap opera to acting in one of the highest-grossing movies of all time, TITANIC.


Working on James Cameron’s blockbuster began his fascination with saving iconic film artifacts. Not being aware of the impending huge success of TITANIC, 20th Century Fox sold off all of the key costumes and props to J. Peterman catalogues once the film had wrapped to try and gain back some of the films expenses. They would be dispersed throughout the country into private collections, inevitably never to be seen again by the public. Not only was this a travesty to Emmett knowing that these pieces of film history should absolutely be in a museum, but it was also a wake up call.


And so his mission began...

His award winning memoir 'Admit One: My Life Film' is available for purchase.

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