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Chaplin (1992)




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The life of silent filmstar Sir Charles Chaplin, from his arrival in Hollywood in the 1920s to the final recognition of his talents at the 1972 Oscars. 


The film is structured around lengthy flashbacks as the elderly Charlie Chaplin (Robert Downey Jr.) now living in Switzerland recollects moments from his life during a conversation with fictional character George Hayden (Anthony Hopkins), the editor of his autobiography. Chaplin's recollections begin with his childhood of extreme poverty, from which he escapes by immersing himself in the world of the London music halls, after which he relocates to the United States


There are references to some of his many romantic episodes (including Hetty Kelly, Mildred HarrisGeorgia HaleMarion DaviesEdna PurvianceLita GreyPaulette GoddardJoan Barry andOona O'Neill), his professional collaboration with Mack Sennett and friendship with Douglas Fairbanks.


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